At Pjazza Suites we serve a complimentary breakfast every morning in your room. Please let your innkeeper know your preferred type of breakfast and the time you wish for us to start the service. Should you have special dietary requirements, please let us know.

Pjazza Breakfast (Recommended)

Savour the full local experience through our local breakfast consisting of a different cooked item every day, complimented with a selection of local pâtés, marinated olives, Maltese gbejna cheese and Maltese bread.

Continental Breakfast

Freshly-baked bacon & egg cups, sliced cheese, cold cuts, and toasted brown bread

accompanied by butter and jam.

Cae e Cornetto

A breakfast for those who start the day on the sweet side. Pancakes accompanied by

hazelnut spread and fruit jams, freshly-baked pastry, biscuits and yogurt.

Light Breakfast

A healthy start to the day with a Caprese salad (mozzarella and tomatoes), fresh fruit,

your choice of muesli or corn akes cereals, and yogurt.